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VFR Balice Poland FSX & P3D

Description of the file:

Here is a nice scenery of "VFR Balice Extension I" (version 1.2) created by Lotar Tomczyk and Jakub Mista which represents the old town of Kraków (EPKK) and the village of Balice (Poland). With lots of detailed 3D objects and monuments as well as improved night textures. Complete pack with realistic terrain, animations, vehicle and boat traffic.

The work necessary to create this scenery began in 2005 and required several thousand hours:
- Photographic equipment for the production of textures
- Creation of objects and models with the GMAX program
- Purchase and processing of geodetic materials
- Creation of XML, MGL, GBL and other intermediate files
- Putting the scenery online

Krakow11Krakow12Krakow 01Krakow 02Krakow 04Krakow 06Krakow 07Krakow 09
  • Version1.2

  • Rating
    (31 votes)
  • Size 96.5 MB

  • Downloads 8 438

  • Created 11 Mar 2020

  • Updated 11 Mar 2020

  • License Freeware external

  • Auto-install Installer Scenery v11

  • Compatibility list :

    P3Dv1 ➕ P3Dv2 ➕ P3Dv3 ➕ P3Dv4 ➕ P3Dv5 ➕ FSX-Steam Edition ➕ FSX (All versions)

  • Author :
  • Lotar Tomczyk, Jakub Mista

  • No virus guaranteed by
    ImunifyAV Premium

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