Piper PA-38 Tomahawk v1.0 X-Plane 9

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The Piper PA-38 Tomahawk, is the two-seater plane school launched by Piper in 1975 to compete with the hegemonic Cessna 150 in this area. The first copies are delivered in 1977. 2500 PA-38 will be produced to stop its production in 1982. Its T-tail is emblematic of the time.

The aircraft modelled is a 1981's Piper Tomahawk. This aircraft is equipped with a Lycoming O-235-L2A (112 hp) engine, and Narco avionics.

Features of the model are:
  • Complete exterior model designed in Blender, with animated parts (Control surfaces, Flaps, detailed Landing gear, nose gear steering, suspension, cabin doors, etc.)
  • Four paint schemes and blank textures are Included in the package.
  • 2D panel with custom instruments. All systems are emulated.
  • Functional Circuit Braker Panel, in 2D panel and 3D cockpit
  • Custom sounds.
  • Animated 3D Pilots designed in Blender.
  • Fully functional 3D cockpit, with manipulators-based technology, All systems are emulated.

Manual in English and Spanish provided in the pack, it is imperative to read the instructions to take control of this add-on.

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