Shavrov 1930 Sh-2 v1.5 X-Plane 9

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Created 31-10-2012 23:03:24
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License Freeware external
Auto-install : #Installer version 2
Author : Denis Krupin
Download For X-Plane 9          #3D Virtual Cockpit
Compatible with X-Plane 9.22rc1 and more.
This is an old  Russian seaplane of very good quality, interior fully modeled in 3D with HD textures, custom sounds, textures CCCP Aeroflot, and animations. Very realistic and reliable add-on.

  • To dismantle/assemble wings use the tool box in the cockpit (don't do it during flight, you will crash)
  • To switch Russian/English gauges press "SHIFT+F1"
  • To hide pilot in external view press "SHIFT+F2"
  • If you have problems with performance, you may try to resize all 2048x2048 textures to 1024x1024

Shavrov Sh-2 was a 1930s amphibian design and the first Soviet mass produced flying boat. The small, wooden aircraft was a further development of the Sh-1, with a more powerful engine and increased size.
The Sh-2 could carry two crew members as well as one passenger and during wintertime, the aircraft could be equipped with skis. The small lower wing served as attachment for the stabilizing floats. It was a light, simple and reliable design.

Shavrov 1930 Sh-2 v1.5 X-Plane 9 intro
Shavrov 1930 Sh-2 v1.5 X-Plane 9 Download

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