Virtualcol ATR 42 Series FSX & P3D

Size 62.2 MB
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Created 16-04-2019
Changed 16-04-2019
License Freeware external
Auto-install : #Installer version 10.5
Author : Development and donated as freeware By VIRTUALCOL FS SOFTWARE external
Download   For FSX & Steam Edition & P3Dv1 P3Dv2 P3Dv3 P3Dv4         #Native FSX and/or P3D    #3D Virtual Cockpit
ATR 42 Series - Complete package that includes models with virtual cockpit, unique turboprop sounds, functional gauges, user manual, 4 models -320 -320F (cargo) -500 -600 and 37 repaints. This former Payware has been developed and is donated as Freeware by VIRTUALCOL FS SOFTWARE, thanks to them for permission to upload on Rikoooo.

Tested under Prepar3D v4 and seems functional, this only the personal opinion of Rikoooo.

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