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Hydroptere v2 The flying boat X-Plane 10


For X-Plane 10.10+ Windows only. Remember to read the included documentation.
Hydroptère is the first sailboat to cross the bar of 50 knots in the sail, that is 92,6 kph, then that of 100 kph with a point in 56,3 knots (104 kph).

The Hydroptère is an experimental sailing hydrofoil designed by French yachtsman Alain Thébault. Her multihull hydrofoil design allows the sail-powered vessel to reach high speeds on water. The design is based on experience from a range of hydrofoil sailcraft that Thébault built in cooperation with the late Éric Tabarly since the 1990s. On October 5, 2008 she reached a record speed of 52.86 knots (97.90 km/h; 60.83 mph), however this was over a shorter distance than the 500m necessary to qualify for an official world record. On December 21, 2008, the Hydroptère briefly reached 56.3 knots (104.3 km/h; 64.8 mph) near Fos-sur-Mer, but capsized shortly thereafter.

On September 4, 2009, the Hydroptère broke the outright world record, sustaining a speed of 52.86 knots (97.90 km/h; 60.83 mph) for 500m in 30 knots of wind. In November 2009, she broke the 50 knot barrier for a nautical mile with a speed of 50.17 knots (92.91 km/h; 57.73 mph) in Hyères, France. (Wikipedia)

To place the hydroptère on a nautical site :

Menu / Place / card(map) local/

Make slide Hydroptère on the water and adjust the altitude of reception on the nautical site.


Delete the anchor, selected on  keyboard "V".

Hydroptère navigates in considering the position of  sails  with regard to  the axis of the boat, you  use your command  of accelerator of your joystick :
  • You will gain speed ; by lining sails (in pace "grand largue").
  • You slow down ; by shocking sails  (relaxation sails).
The rudder is activated by the axis yaw of your joystick.

To obtain an optimal speed in pace "grand largue" :

With the instruments "2D panel", you can correct the plate of the boat with your joystick (axis rolling and pitching) and adjust the trim (axis pitching) which corresponds to the ballasts of central hull.

NOTE: X-Plane does not take care of surfaces anti-drift immersed in the water. The hydroptère ( v2 ) has no plugin " anti-drift/water". This simulation was adapted to be near to reality and  ludic.


"Settings /settings/joystick § Equipement / zone"

Nullzone 0 %

"Settings / Rendering Options /lateral field of view"

Put a value included between 50 and 100 degrees.

"Settings  / Rendering Options  /"

Put selection Draw per pixels lighting,

Remove HDR rendering

Environment - Weather "recommended values" :


Level weak wind altitude 01.000


Height waves 000.1 (not to exceed 2.0)

Ratio height 10.0

Real technical characteristics of Hydroptère :

The arms of connection are established by carbon and by resin, according to the technology used for the drift of RAFALE. They were calculated and realized by the Aerospace industry.

Please Note :

For the animation in this object to work, an additional plugin (Developed by Sandy Barbour) must be installed.

Please visit and download and install the 'CustomSBDatarefs004' plugin.

This scenery uses objects from the OpenSceneryX library. If you do not have it installed yet, please go to

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  • Size 12.6 MB

  • Downloads 4 466

  • License Freeware external

  • VC3D Virtual Cockpit

  • Auto-install Installer version 2

  • Hydroptere v2 The flying boat X-Plane 10 is compatible with Laminar Research X-Plane 10

  • Author : JP Baril

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