KLAX - Los Angeles Intl Airport Photoreal FSX & P3D Version 3.0

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Created 21-01-2012 18:37:21
Changed 21-10-2017 00:58:13
License Freeware external
Auto-install : #Installer Scenery v11
Author : Glenn Johnson
Download For FSX & Steam Edition & P3D v1. *v2 v3 v4 to be tested          
Changelog Auto-installer updated to version 10
This Photo Real scenery is a complete rebuild for the FSX/P3D Default KLAX airport using the latest version of ADE (v01.50), Google SkecthUp 8, & SBuilderX scenery design tool.

This new KLAX scenery, Version 3.0 includes new terminal buildings that have been resized and redesigned to look more realistic. I added terminal lights,(no night light lamps yet), new trees, cars to the parking garages,
ground vehicles taxiway usage fixed, and several other nice details to enhance the KLAX experience.

Other details included are the New Tom Bradley International Terminal, buildings located on W.Cenury Blvd, 9 Airbus A380 parking spots, and Photo Real ground textures. The runways and airport aprons are aligned to match Google & Yahoo satellite imagery.

The scenery setup and declare itself in FSX/P3D. To go to KLAX airport you must type in KLAX in the field "Airport code" from your flight manager

KLAX - Los Angeles Intl Airport Photoreal FSX & P3D Version 3.0 Download