Beluga and Dreamlifter

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Beluga and Dreamlifter

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Few days a go,Airbus started the final assembly of the new Beluga,which will now be based on the A330-200. And that got me thinking....could they do it differently? That differently is called Boeing 747 Dreamlifter.

I'm finding a bit hard to understand the decision to spend hundreds of thousands ,if not millions of dollars,euros ...whatever to develop the new Beluga. I might be wrong but,isn't easier to modify the A380 for that role?

What's you opinion on this?

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Beluga and Dreamlifter

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I think the LCF is about as big as anyone needs to go as far as outright volume cargo loads. The A380 would have ended up being a niche aircraft like the An-225.
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Re: Beluga and Dreamlifter

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