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Las vegas unzip

Posted: 11 Sep 2017, 08:25
by dogtrack
Hi, have downloaded LV on 3 different PCs (4.05GB packed). Using Winrar it fails to unpack the 6x.tiz files plus the 1x.exe file. In each instance saying the archive is corrupt or contains unknown file types. Would another unzipper be more successful ? If so, which one, please ?

Las vegas unzip

Posted: 11 Sep 2017, 11:37
by Dariussssss
Hello and welcome to Rikoooo. Could you please post this under FSX,FSX Steam sub-forum? This particular topic is meant for Rikoooo Forum members to introduce themselves.

Once again,welcome.


Las vegas unzip

Posted: 11 Sep 2017, 13:04
by dogtrack
oopps ! Apologies.

Las vegas unzip

Posted: 11 Sep 2017, 14:23
by rikoooo
Hello there,

I have effectively met this issue too, I got it solved by using Izarc :

Download and install freeware Izarc http://www.izarc.org/ then right click on the archive choose "Izarc" and "Extract to las_vegas_mega_photoreal_scenery"

Now it works

I'am anyway uploading a new archive to Rikoooo so within a few hours it will be fixed for anyone.

Sorry for the inconvenience, it's not easy to deal with big files,