Warning to P3D users

Lockheed Martin offers us Prepar3D v4 and v5 now native for 64-bit systems and VR compatible. Prepar3D engages users in immersive training through realistic environments. Ideal for commercial, academic, professional, or military instruction.
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Warning to P3D users

Unread post by DRCW »

By now I am sure that many of you have heard about Dovetail cancelling Flight Sim World ( FSW ) I will not discuss the reasons I feel this program has failed. What is of concern are the events that happened on FSW's facebook page during the last 2 months before they discontinued the product. Day after day Dovetail and FSW were trying to get sales. In fact they were talking about the future of their flight simulator 2 days before they announced the product will no longer be developed.

So what concerns me is Dovetail must have already come to the conclusion at this point that they were going to pull the plug. They were trying to get more money before doing so from anyone foolish enough to bite that hook. This would be an attempt to make up costs from their purchase of the entertainment rights from Microsoft. In fact they still have FSW for sale on steam until May the 24th . What does that tell you ?

My fear is, they might attempt to go after Lockheed Martin for not enforcing their licenses in order to recoup more of those losses by claiming it contributed to the failure of FSW. This would force Lockheed Martin to either remove the Academic Licence and hurt many end users or they would have to increase the price in order to pay Dovetail damage claims.

Dovetail is a big fat stain on our community and have done damage to our hobby already. The other choice would be for Lockheed to be forced to pull the plug on the only other ESP platform in flight simulation . If this happens , X Plane would become the monopoly in PC Flight Simulation. Such a monopoly would be very bad for the end user. We need at least two main flight simulation companies to exist , in order to promote healthy competition , and continued third party development
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Warning to P3D users

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Ive said the same thing, its kind of odd after being with FSX and learning a program from the ground up over the last what? ten years. A few of us knew almost a year before GameSpy left that it was going to happen. This situation is pretty much the same as you have many that are threatening the industry with non ethical activities. I still personally believe that the over million of man hours taking this platform to the level it is now attributes possible at the very most 28% of payware aircraft 40% to payware scenery and the rest was all of the others that are in freeware and shareware that actually put the largest degree and effort. There are alot of abuses in the financial arena. Im not going to state names, but thats to protect this site which has nothing to do with the statement. You have a company that puts out very fine payware, and yes there are many glitches in this beautiful jet fighter and what live weapons entails, BUT to charge users/purchasers new fees and codes for each year in something youve purchased and then the fact you are sent to forums for answers. They make the money we answer the questions and resolving issues they should legally be solving. Lets take a website, FSXA FSX Gold FSX, there is a site online that everyone is quite familiar with, they have the FSX Gold for sale at over $200.00 US. Thats a real tragedy. But then there are superior sites such as this that give a shit about whats going on and will do everything possible to make thing simpler to understand and are always making things better. Irts one of the only sites ive ever seen in the TEN years to ask, What would you like to see upgraded, now thats unique in this day and age. I give many thanks to all of those before us and will come after us to keep this alive,and to continue to learn the ins and outs of the programs to learn the techniques. Flight simulation has brought more individuals into the aerospace industry than any other in history. Most of those that drop out here would drop out in flight school. The future of flight sim doesnt look bleek, only the strong will survive in the industry because those that come in just for profit and with only themselves in mind and not the flight sim creators , users, developers etc., and dont learn to listen to the flightsim public they will fail, i can assure you of that. I can remember when the first MS flight sim came out, it was new it was superior, and now i look back at those programs as foundations the way PONG was in the forefront of it all. Build a strong foundation that will support the house, make it strong enough and versatile enough to handle all things not one, because if you dont that one thing will bring the house down, Thank you RIKOOOO for a place of good, a place where we can get together and make sim a better place yet. Have a safe flight.Semper Fidelis. If that attachment shows up , know thats graphics on a 300G intel duo about 7 years old running windows 7
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Re: Warning to P3D users

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