canary islands part 1 and 2

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canary islands part 1 and 2

Unread post by sylvantino »

i just resubbed to jumbo to download the latest version, and all i keep getting is some rubbish about missing files, when all the files are together, there is no file corruption, but the installer makes out that it searched for a file it couldnt find 0.o
this is for fsx steam edition.

this spectacular scenery has worked perfectly in the past, but i had to uninstall it because i needed the resources.. i made a complete fresh install of fsx and installed hundreds of airports without an issue, and then suddenly this. any help would be appreciated!
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canary islands part 1 and 2

Unread post by SkipperLP »

I see too possible solutions:

1.Maybe your Browser messes up smth… try an other one like chrome for downloading
2.Did u try to unzip the package with another Software? Try 7zip or winrar (whatever u used befor)

Ahh and btw does it say, which file is missing?
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Re: canary islands part 1 and 2

Unread post by eserice »

I have the same propnlem with Canary ilands part1. The missing file, according to he installer, is Disk0001.tiz .

Canary ilands part2 has been installed without any issue.
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