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Historic Flight Plan

1920-1930 The Former Belgian Congo


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In 1960, the Belgian Congo became independent under the name of Democratic Republic of Congo. Betwen 1920 and 1930, the SABENA set up ailines all over this large colony, which was quite unusual at that time.

The Société Anonyme Belge d'Exploitation de la Navigation Aérienne, which stop all activities in 2001 used Savoia Marchetti, Fokker and Junkers airplanes.

This flight plan does not respect the exact lines, it is based on a general overview of the concerned territory ; during the Belgian domination, most of the cities had european names, each leg propose the old name written in italics, and the new one decided by the african authorities after the independence.

as far as I am concerned, I chose one of Pierino Primavesi's Junkers 52, which you can download here ; the path is : Home / Downloads / Flight Simulator 2004 / Aircraft / Old models.

A great thank to Pierino Primavesi, for his fantastic work of memory.

GPS recommended.

For further information and comments, you can join me via the List of Membres (michel95).

Léopoldville - Kinshasa (N'djili Intl FZAA) / 133mn / Banningville - Bandundu FZBO / 207mn / Cocquilhatville - Mbandaka FZEA / 369mn / Port Chaltin - Aketi FZKN / Bomokandi - Bambili Dingila FZKB / 105mn / Paulis - Isiro ville FZJA / 313mn / Costermansville - Bukavu (Kavumu FZMA) / 216mn / Albertville - Kalemie FZRF / 358mn / Elisabethville - Lubumbashi (Lubumbashi Intl FZQA) / 64mn / Jadotville - Likasi (Kamatanda FZQI) / 390mn / Luluabourg - Kananga FZUA / 234mn / Leverville - Lusanga FZCE / 244mn / Moerbeke - Kwilu Ngongo FZAW / 360mn / Port Francqui - Ilebo FZVS / 208mn / Bakwanga - Mbuji Maji FZWA / 138mn / Sentery - Lubao FZWS / 348mn / Stanleyville - Kisangani (Bankoka Intl FZIC)

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