By becoming a Jumbo member you will support Rikoooo and enjoy the following benefits
Jumbo metter

Maximum downloading speed up to 4000 KB/s = 4 minutes per GB !

Up to 12 Simultaneous / parallel downloads or 12 connexions per IP address = (4000 KB/s x 12)

No advertising anywhere on the site, clean and comfortable navigation

Access to some add-ons and goodies created by Rikoooo

Direct download from the blue 'Download' button

Jumbo 3 month

 All downloads are yours 


 For  3 months
Unlock my download speed for 3 months

Jumbo 6 month

 Best value for money 


 For  6 months
My download speed up to 4000 kb/s (~ 4 MB/s max) for 6 months

Why does the Jumbo offer exist ? Sending downloads to over hundred thousand users involves significant costs. Those costs cannot be covered only with advertising. However, with a Jumbo plan you can concretely help to maintain online. Membership is genuinely optional, you can still freely download all files at limited speed.

*Download speeds vary depending on your Internet connection and time