Alert Virus = False positive

Few members have reported a virus or threats like filter "Smart Screen - this program may damage your computer" and other warnings in some files.


We have conducted a lengthy investigation about this, checked and scanned all the site's files several times with different anti-virus programs and we didn't find anything, all files are clean.

Sometimes programming chains have the same algorithm flanges in a healthy program as in a viral program.

So this is called a false positive, in other words, your anti-virus makes a mistake, it believes to recognize a signature. IT HAPPENS MORE OFTEN THAN YOU THINK ...

Update your anti-virus software! The issue may solve itself after an update. Avoid Norton Antivirus and Avast which are subject to a high rate of false positive.

Use a powerful anti-virus not too invasive, we suggest BitDefender but there are many others.

If you do not want to change your anti-virus, you can simply disable it the time to download and install your add-ons.