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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - Gliders

In this category, you will find gliders or motor gliders for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. A small two-seater plane without engine, the glider is only carried by the air. It is designed for gliding, using updrafts to stay in flight for a long time and move. A gentle aerial sport, it is particularly appreciated for its "aerodynamic finesse" and its calm in the air. A variant of this aircraft is the motor glider equipped with an auxiliary engine that allows autonomous takeoff, without the use of the winch or towing.

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Scheibe SF28 Tandem-Falke MSFS 2020

3 084    3.39 (33)

Size  183 MB

  • Created 10 Mar 2021

  • Updated 10 Mar 2021

  • Version1.3

  • This package includes the Scheibe SF 28 Tandem-Falke native model for MSFS 2020 with livery, sounds, faithfully reproduced virtual cockpit, functional gauges, animations, flight model that matches the actual performance of the aircraft.

  • By Original 3D Model: Rohr 3D Solutions LLC. Lead Developer: tjburni (Aerosoar). Assistant Developer:NewkTV (Aerosoar)


Schempp-Hirth Discus-2b MSFS 2020

4 405    3.57 (75)

Size  216 MB

  • Created 28 Jan 2021

  • Updated 22 Apr 2021

  • Version3.3

  • This is the first native glider for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, built from the ground up, over 300 hours spent on development so far. This is the result of hard work for the community and for free.

  • By Original 3D Model: Rohr 3D Solutions LLC. Lead Developer: NewkTV. Assistant Developer: Eggman28 (Flightsim Squadron). Texture/Material Artist: PupPryde