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Prepar3D V1 to V2 Fix

icone Rikoooo final 010
  • Description of the file

    Here is a small program created by Rikoooo that allows to make all our auto-installers initially planned for Prepar3Dv1 compatible with Prepar3D version 2 (it's a Fix).

    This program simply makes our self-installers believes that Prepar3D is still in version 1.

    It will just copy the contents of the registry key named "HKCUSoftwareLockheed MartinPrepar3D v2" into "HKCUSoftwareLockheedMartinPrepar3D". Giving the installer the right path to Prepar3D v2.

    Your P3Dv2 is not changed. Do not use this fix for P3Dv1.

    Prepar2D v2
    Do not have Prepar3D v1 installed
    Windows 7 or 8
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    No changelog

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  • Size 441 Ko

  • Downloads 11 962

  • Created 1 Jan 2014

  • Updated 17 Oct 2016

  • License Freeware external

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  • Author :
  • Rikoooo

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