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Antonov AN-32 FSX & P3D

  • Description of the file

    Excellent add-on native for FSX-SP2 (and Prepar3D v4+ compatible) of high quality, neat work.
    Includes four textures, custom sounds, a virtual cockpit (VC) plus cabin, possibility to open the rear cargo hold (Ctrl+E), read manual.

    The An-32 is basically a re-engined An-26. The launch customer was the Indian Air Force, which ordered this aircraft partly due to good relations between then USSR leader Leonid Brezhnev and then India leader Indira Gandhi. The An-32 is designed to withstand adverse weather conditions better than the standard An-26. The high placement of the engine nacelles above the wing allowed for larger diameter propeller, which are driven by 5100 hp rated AI-20 turboprop engines, almost twice the power of the An-26's AI-24 powerplants. The An-32 therefore enjoys excellent take-off characteristics under tropical and mountainous (high-altitude) conditions, where hot or thin air hampers the powerplants tractive effort. The price for a newly built An-32 was quoted as being 6-9 million dollars in 2000

    Antonov AN 32 FSX P3D 3Antonov AN 32 FSX P3D 4Antonov AN 32 FSX P3D 5Antonov AN 32 FSX P3D 6Antonov AN 32 FSX P3D 7Antonov AN 32 FSX P3D 9Antonov AN 32 FSX P3D 10Antonov AN 32 FSX P3D 11Antonov AN 32 FSX P3D 12Antonov AN 32 FSX P3D 13Antonov AN 32 FSX P3D 15Antonov AN 32 FSX P3D 16
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    (38 votes)
  • Size 38,5 MB

  • Downloads 38 890

  • Created 31 Oct 2010

  • Updated 22 Aug 2019

  • License Freeware external

  • VC 3D Virtual Cockpit

  • Format Native FSX / P3D format

  • Auto-install Installer version 10.5

  • Compatibility list :

    Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v1 to v5 ➕ Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition ➕ Microsoft Flight Simulator X Acceleration ➕ Microsoft Flight Simulator X SP2

  • Author :
  • Tim Piglet Conrad - Piglets Peculiar Planes. Updated by Bob Chicilo

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    ImunifyAV Premium

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