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Updated on 13/08/2019: Correction of engine sounds that were not audible at maximum power, added some missing gauges, added GPS GARMIN 500. Adaptation of the autopilot to Prepar3D v4. Since the KLN90B GPS is not compatible with Prepar3D v4 (64 bits) it has been replaced by a version with limited functions only for Prepar3D v4 (no change for FSX and FSX-Steam). There is no need to download and install the KLN90B GPS for users of Prepar3D v4 it has not yet been made compatible for this simulator. You can use the GPS GARMIN 500 which has been pre-configured instead.

Add-on made Prepar3D v4 64-bit compatible by Rikoooo.

Here is another add-on which represents an aircraft of the former USSR of an incredible quality knowing that it is a freeware. This Antonov An-24RV is superb, included with 4 repaints: IzhAvia, AFL, Aeroflot and Tjumavi. The virtual cockpit is fully modeled in 3D, you will be surprised by its gauges with 3D finishes and HD textures, you will have access to a lot of switches on the various panels of the cabin. Includes real sounds and animations. The realism of this add-on is very advanced.

The Antonov An-24 is a twin-turboprop aircraft capable of carrying 44 to 52 passengers manufactured in the USSR, (now in Ukraine) by Antonov Engineering. The aircraft was expected to operate in a rustic environment and was particularly successful even with Western standards, however its commercial profitability was low because it was handicapped by a too high unladen mass.

Two essentially military versions have been derived from it, the Antonov An-26 with a large cargo door at the rear and the Antonov An-30 with a glass nose for monitoring and mapping missions. (Wikipedia)

IMPORTANT: for the Antonov An-24RV to work properly and avoid the error "could not load gauges /sc_acc.dll" it is imperative to download and install the latest version of the KLN90B gauge (GPS), installing this Gauge is required only once.

Click the link below to download the gauge.

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