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Weather Presets Pack MSFS 2020

Description of the file:

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - Weather presets

Weather presets for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 created by DoNotBeOnFire (DNBOF)

After automatic installation, start the simulator and the new presets should appear in the list of weather presets.

This package contains 11 weather presets:

  • Atmospheric - Big and dramatic clouds, great for screenshots especially around sunrise/sunset
  • Convective Day - Medium sized Cumulus Clouds with cloud base at 8000ft and wind 225/12 knots, no gusts. Good for soaring with a glider.
    - Affects slant/horizontal visibility in the short to mid range
  • Shallow Mist - Affects slant/horizontal visibility in the mid to long range
  • Lying Snow - Snow on the ground, no wind and some high altitude cloud
  • Snow Showers - Large but scattered high precipitation snow showers with light winds
  • Light Snow Showers - Large but scattered low precipitation snow showers with light winds
  • Thunderstorms - Large but scattered high precipitation thunderstorms with gusty winds
  • Breezy - Surface = 225/10 knots, gusting 18 knots, 10,000 feet = 270/30 knots, no gusts, 30,000 feet = 270/50 knots, no gusts
  • Windy - Surface = 225/25 knots, gusting 40 knots, 10,000 feet = 270/60 knots, no gusts, 30,000 feet = 270/80 knots, no gusts
  • De-icing - Utility preset for those times when you cannot avoid freezing conditions, you don't have windscreen/airframe de-icing and just need a bit of heat to help you out with minimal loss of immersion. 60 degree C air temperature takes care of icing pretty quickly.

Experimental weather presets - By DNBOF-X

Have fun with experimental presets specific to certain locations. You can start a flight in any of the locations below (ICAO) with an experimental weather.

Places to try with experimental presets: KSPS , KEWR , EGLC , RJTT and YSSY .

For example, if you are at EGLC (London City Airport) and use the EGLC - West preset, you will see a large cloudy supercell to the west of the airfield which covers London and will even affect parts of EGLL (Heathrow).

More information on the project's GitHub page https://github.com/DoNotBeOnFire/msfs2020-weather- presets

AtmosphericBreezyConvectiveDayDeicingEGLC WestFogKEWR NEastKSPS NorthKSPS SouthLightSnowShowersLyingSnowRJTT NorthShallowMistSnowShowersThunderstormsWindyYSSY NWest

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