Socata TBM 700 FS2004

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Author : Model: Michel Migaud, Cyril Breton, Flight Dynamics Designer: Jean-Pierre Bourgeois, Benoit Dubé, Panel et gauges: Jean-Pierre Langer, Arne Bartels, Master textures: Michel Migaud, Painture: Cyril Breton, Sons: Maurice Rancourt
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Small single engine airplane used by light aviation to the Army and Air Force (French).

Its mission: Liaison and Training, Aerial Photography, Medical Evacuation, Freight, Towing target, Electronic Countermeasures, spreading NBC Simulation, Surveillance and Police aerial Coastal Monitoring, Calibration, Shot anti-hail rockets

TBM 700, an original concept. In the late 80s, SOCATA engineers were given the task of creating an original concept in the world of light aviation. The idea was to combine a handy and economical single engine with the power and reliability of a turboprop. Multi-mission aircraft, 6-7 seater pressurized, SOCATA TBM 700 reaches the performance of many devices of higher categories.

Add-on very well done, good design, with realistic shades and 3D interior, sounds recorded on a true Socata TBM700.

A must have !
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