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Ilyushin Il-86 Package FS2004

  • Description of the file

    A superb Russian airliner with 4 engines. The model and textures are good, the panel is functional, the sounds are good. Must see !

    The Ilyushin Il-86 (NATO reporting name: Camber) is a short/medium-range wide-body jet airliner. It was the USSR's first wide-body and the world's second four-engined wide-body. Designed and tested by the Ilyushin design bureau in the 1970s, it was certified by the Soviet aircraft industry, manufactured and marketed by the USSR.

    The Il-86 was the second to last Soviet-era airliner to be designed (preceding its sister model the Il-96, which first flew in 1988). Developed during the Leonid Brezhnev era, which was marked by stagnation in many sectors of Soviet industry, the Il-86 had engines more typical of the 1960s, spent a decade in development and failed to enter service in time for the Moscow Olympics, as originally intended. Only 106 were built. The type was used by Aeroflot and successor post-Soviet airlines and only three were exported. In service, it gained recognition as a very safe and reliable machine.

    At the beginning of 2012, only 4 Il-86s remained in service, all of them with the Russian Air Force. (Wikipedia)
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  • Size 8.37 MB

  • Downloads 8 108

  • Created 26 Oct 2005

  • Updated 13 Jul 2012

  • License Freeware external

  • VC 2D Panel Only

  • Compatibility list :

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

  • Author :
  • Visual model : Dimitri Samborski, Paintings : Dmitry Shevtsov and MaximMysin, Flight dynamics : Sergey Dubovitsky, Sounds from Il-62 package

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