Sukhoi Su-22 Fitter FS2004

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Created 04-09-2006
Changed 08-10-2012
License Freeware external
Author : Jan Moravec
Download   For FS2004           #3D Virtual Cockpit
Russian fighter aircraft Sukhoi Su-22. Very good flight model. Available with 2 repaints. The wings are variable geometry. Available braking parachute. Various effects (like smoke). The Su-22 Fitter is an export version of the Su-17. Great customs sounds !

Armament: 4'070 Kg
Engine: nLyulka AL-21F-3 (78 kN with afterburner kN/112)
High Speed ​​Low Limit: Maximum speed: 1,350 km / h
High Speed ​​High Limit: max. M = 1.7 or 1,800 km / h
Max ceiling: 12,500 m
Total mass of fuel (no load): 19'400 kg
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