Base militaire de N'Djamena Tchad FS2004

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Created 08-07-2006 02:00:00
Changed 15-10-2012 21:34:51
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Author : Alexandre REMY
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Scenery of the airport of Djaména. Very nice with its long runway. This pack contains the military part of N'Djamena. Air Detachment is located on the airport of N'Djamena (Chad) in the end.

Airport Code: FTTJ
Important : Once Rikoooo install is done on your PC, start FS2004 and declare the scenery "N'DJAMENA (FTTJ)" in the library. Close and restart FS2004. Choose "N'DJAMENA FTTJ" and ... good flight!
Base militaire de N'Djamena Tchad FS2004 Download