FIAT G.18V (V.01) FSX

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Created 04-03-2009 19:06:17
Changed 11-07-2012 13:15:17
License Freeware external
Author : Manuele Villa
Download For FSX & Steam Edition      #Port-Over no compatible P3Dv4    #3D Virtual Cockpit
Click here for the FS2004 compatible version

The Fiat G.18 was an Italian airliner developed in the mid 1930s. Notice to fans of old models before the war, a great achievement with a beautiful virtual cockpit (no 2D panel) control everything from the VC. Includes 3 textures (ALIPre-War/NCALI/Regia Aeronautica). Simple and complete a real pleasure.
FIAT G.18V (V.01) FSX Download