Agusta Westland EH101 v2 FSX & P3D

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Auto-install : #Installer version 2
Author : Microsoft, v2 by David Robles
Download For FSX-Acc & FSX-Steam & P3D v1. *v2 v3 v4 to be tested       #Native FSX and/or P3D    #3D Virtual Cockpit
Only compatible with FSX Acceleration or P3D. Complete helicopter that does not conflict with the default EH101 from FSX-Acc.

The EH101 is one of the best helicopters in the world, but Microsoft has not put much effort in this model and was missing a lot. The helicopter has been reworked to make it as close as possible to the real world.

Instructions images
thumb HMD thumb overhead   thumb Radar  thumb Switches
 thumb Snap953  thumb Snap954 * Do not forget to put fuel in the three tanks
ortherwise helicopter will nott start *

No less than 17 improvements have been made ​​to this add-on. Here is the list :
1. Reworked the aircraft configuration flight dynamics to stabilize the engine surging that occurs with the default aircraft.
2. Reworked the air file to make the aircraft handle more realistically.
3. Added a couple of landing lights on the rear struts found on the Asian and S.O.P. operators of aircraft.
4. Added heat and exhaust effects to all three engines.
5. Added new reflective strobes that double flash off body of aircraft.
6. Added two working radars that will track aircraft. 1st the Pilots radar has tracking for aircraft only. 2nd the Co-Pilots Radar has tracking for airports, land mass terrain following, aircraft, NDB’s, VOR’s, airport I.D.
7. Added Radar controls for both systems within the VC.
8. Added easy to read MFD and PFD screens
9. Moved engine read gauges to lower level
10.Added Helmet Mount Display (HMD or HmountD) with mouse clickable switches with groundspeed that will read in negative (reverse) flight and useable timer.
11.Added radios (Default Extra 300)
12.Added pop up GPS
13.Added pop up door control gauge, for quick access to aircraft.
14.Added pop up light switch.
15.Added switch-able vocal ground proximity warning system with fire alert, rotor low / high alert, under carriage alert, altitude alert
16.Added auto-hover gauge.
17.Added pop-up radar control for ground track system

Video of EH101 by default from FSX Acceleration :

Agusta Westland EH101 v2 FSX & P3D Download

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