Boeing 787-8 DreamLiner FSX & P3D

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Auto-install : #Installer version 2
Author : TDS, Alejandro Rojas Lucena, Assambled by Rikoooo
Download For FSX & Steam Edition & P3D v1. *v2 v3 v4 to be tested       #Native FSX and/or P3D    #3D Virtual Cockpit
Beautiful Boeing 787-800 in the colors of DreamLiner for FSX & P3D (model by Tenkuu Developpers Studio), complete package with utility ground (bus, freight, stairs, refuelling, animations), the virtual cockpit is the 737 Advanced from Alejandro Rojas Lucena, both cockpits are close enough.

The VC has animated wipers (right click on the switch) with a rain effect. Switches for LCD, EICAS, PFD, MFT, Autobrake, Open pilots window . Light switches cabin, FMC Realistic, Proximity Warning System (GPWS), VC night textures more realistic. Included custom sounds. Read the documentation supplied with the pack for more information on the various additional functions and uses.

The real plane :

The Boeing 787, also known by his nickname Dreamliner is a long-haul aircraft. Officially launched on 26 April 2004 with commissioning in May 2008, he made his first flight December 15, 2009 and is certified on August 26, 2011. The first delivery took place September 26, 2011 to All Nippon Airways.

This aircraft carries between 210 and 330 passengers depending on the model and configuration, and is more fuel efficient: according to the original specifications of Boeing, a lower consumption by 20% to that of an Airbus A330 or Boeing 777. (Wikipedia)
Boeing 787-8 DreamLiner FSX & P3D Download