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Prepar3D FSX - Boeing

Here is our selection of the best BOEING for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (any version) and Prepar3D up to v5.

Boeing (official name: The Boeing Company) is an American aircraft and aerospace manufacturer. Its head office is located in Chicago, Illinois and its largest plant is in Everett, near Seattle, Washington. This aircraft manufacturer specializes in the design of civil aircraft, but also in military aeronautics, helicopters as well as satellites and launchers with its Boeing Defense, Space & Security division. In 2012, it ranked second in sales of military equipment worldwide. This company is engaged in a trade war with its main competitor, the European group Airbus Commercial Aircraft.

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  • Created 21 Feb 2022

  • Updated 21 Feb 2022

  • Version2.0

  • Excellent Boeing 727-200 with a collection of classic liveries. Based on exterior and interior models by Thomas Ruth, including many updates and corrections. Also includes the improved panel v2 of the Boeing 727-200 by Philippe Marion.

  • By Exterior and interior models by Thomas Ruth. Improved B727 Panel, modificiations and full package by Philippe Marion. Gauges Sounds adapation by Rikoooo. More details in readme


Boeing 737-400 Multi Livery Native FSX & P3D

4 077    3.42 (48)

Size  59.2 MB

  • Created 27 Sep 2021

  • Updated 4 Nov 2021

  • Version2.0 fix 1

  • Very nice package of the Boeing 737-400 native to FSX / P3D by Eric Cantu / Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations with virtual cockpit on the theme of the Boeing 737 'Classic' by Speedird77. Included with 17 international liveries.

  • By Native model by Eric Cantu/ Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations with Boeing 737 classic themed VC by Speedird77

  • Created 22 Sep 2021

  • Updated 22 Sep 2021

  • Version1.0

  • Superb mod for FSX / P3D v4 and v5! This package includes a new 3D model with PBR (only on P3Dv4 and v5) modeled by Hiroshi Igami with a lot of animated parts including loading of very big cargo ship.

  • By Project Opensky. Model Designer: Hiroshi Igami. Painted: Yosuke Ube. Extra views: Marc Renaud. Sounds: Devyn J. Silverstein. VC lights: Rikoooo


Boeing 727-100 MegaPack FSX & P3D

10 745    4.02 (42)

Size  337 MB

  • Created 31 Mar 2021

  • Updated 31 Mar 2021

  • Superb package offered by Flanker256 (a big thank you to him for the work provided). This Boeing 727-100 mega-pack consists of 8 Passenger version models and 2 Cargo version models created by TDS / Tenkuu Developers Studio + the virtual 727 cockpit by Thomas Ruth and 32 HD liveries.

  • By Visual model: TDS (Tenkuu Developers Studio). 727 VC: Thomas Ruth. Sound: FS Audio Team. Liveries: Juan C. Brizuela AKA Johnny. Adaptions and package: Flanker256. Fixes: Rikoooo

Boeing_787_Family_ _Virtual_Cockpit_FSX_P3D_1

Boeing 787 Family + Virtual Cockpit FSX & P3D

64 026    4.12 (357)

Size  511 MB

  • Created 13 Sep 2020

  • Updated 14 Mar 2021

  • VersionStable 1.1

  • I am pleased to present a new virtual cockpit, the most advanced FREEWARE cockpit for the Boeing 787 based on MagKnight. But not only that, because it is a complete package, i.e. in addition to creating a new virtual cockpit I have also added and integrated the 3D models of the Boeing 787-8 / -9 / -10 GEnx.

  • By VC assets by Magknight and conversion by Rikoooo. XML Gauges based on Gavin Munro. Exterior model by Hiroshi Igami (TDS). 787 GEnx Soundset by Kairi Akai. Rikoooo Liveries by Ken WEBBER. Others liveries by Carlos Eduardo Salas


Boeing 737-MAX8 Multi-Livery FSX & P3D

67 864    3.78 (251)

Size  207 MB

  • Created 21 Feb 2020

  • Updated 2 Mar 2020

  • Version1.03

  • The Boeing 737-MAX8 is back on Rikoooo! Are you ready to fly this fabulous plane? It is with the permission of its creator Hiroshi Igami (TDS) that we offer this superb package including 41 repaints.

  • By Model by Hiroshi Igami (TDS). Reworked 2D Panels and VC by Philippe Marion. CFM LEAP sounds package by k-akai.blogspot.com. Package made by Rikoooo


Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker Package FSX & P3D

21 292    3.33 (24)

Size  295 MB

  • Created 23 May 2019

  • Updated 23 May 2019

  • Version1.0

  • A complete package for FSX/SP2 (tested by Rikoooo and compatible with Prepar3D v4.5) with full VC panel, and boom compartment. Optimized for multiplayer.

  • By Gary D. Shetter III


Boeing 727-200 with 154 Liveries FSX & P3D

106 913    4.26 (31)

Size  365 MB

  • Created 10 Mar 2019

  • Updated 19 Mar 2019

  • Here is the Boeing 727-200 VistaLiners / Erick Cantu originally for FS2004 converted for FSX & P3D. This super package is available with 154 liveries of all kinds and from many countries, a real treasure!

  • By Models by VistaLiners, Native conversion by Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations, Edited by David Grindele, Fixes and repack by Rikoooo


Private Boeing 727-31 FSX & P3D

19 530    3.35 (17)

Size  98.7 MB

  • Created 28 Dec 2018

  • Updated 28 Dec 2018

  • Complete add-on based on the superb 3D model of TDS (Tenkuu Developers Studio) and the fantastic virtual cockpit of Thomas Ruth. Includes with FMC, authentic sounds for Boeing 727-100, Ground Handling, Call out and V-Speed gauge.

  • By Model by TDS Tenkuu Developers Studio, VC by Thomas Ruth, texture by Josue Rafael, Sound by Adam Murphy. Custom pack by Rikoooo


Boeing C-32 Air Force Two USAF FSX & P3D

18 134    3.58 (12)

Size  87.7 MB

  • Created 7 Nov 2018

  • Updated 5 Dec 2018

  • Nothing to say for this add-on of excellent quality compatible (among others) with Prepar3D v4, note that the virtual cockpit is that of the 737-800 (with FMC and other useful gauges) which is close to the Boeing C- 32. The sounds (authentic) come from a Boeing 757 whose C-32 is a derivative. Special thanks to Chris Evans for the screenshots and the idea of the package.

  • By Model by TDS, VC by Alejandro Rojas Lucena and Ken Wiggington, repaint by Candyman. Prepared and assembled for P3D & FSX by Chris Evans. Special thanks to Chris Evans for the screenshots


TDS Boeing 787 Mega Pack FSX & P3D

200 526    3.91 (96)

Size  436 MB

  • Created 12 Jun 2018

  • Updated 14 Aug 2018

  • Exclusive! Boeing 787 Family Mega-pack with 82 repaints, probably the best freeware pack in the world for FSX and P3D. Includes the entire Boeing 787 family of six models

  • By Tenkuu Developers Studio, edited by ricardo_tv and Chris Evans. 787 2d panel by G Munro. Modified VC by Alejandro Rojas Lucena. Repack, fixes and updates by Rikoooo

fsx 2017-12-14 12-57-23-19

Boeing 747-8 HiRes Retro liveries Pack FSX & P3D

48 910    3.65 (31)

Size  655 MB

  • Created 20 Dec 2017

  • Updated 30 Aug 2019

  • Beautiful Boeing 747-8 with 14 unique repaints in high resolution (4096px²) plus new textures for the virtual cockpit.

  • By SkySpirit2011, repaints and repack by Dagobert, soundset by Mike Maarse

fsx 2017-06-22 12-12-03-62

Boeing 737 Classic Multi Livery Pack FSX & P3D

86 644    3.94 (49)

Size  141 MB

  • Created 23 Jun 2017

  • Updated 14 Aug 2018

  • Here for the very first time a mega pack containing the Boeing 737-300 + Winglets, 737-400, 737-500 + Winglets. The models are natives FSX / P3D and compatibles Prepar3D v4 includes enhanced virtual cockpit.

  • By Eagle Rotorcraft Simulation, George A.Arana, Alejandro Rojas Lucena, package by Rikoooo


Boeing 727-200 DHL FedEx FSX & P3D

35 197    4.13 (16)

Size  33.8 MB

  • Created 27 Mar 2017

  • Updated 6 Dec 2018

  • Boeing 727-200 with Advanced Virtual Cockpit and FMC in the colors of the two major carriers DHL and FedEx, are you ready to deliver goods around the world ?

  • By Thomas Ruth, Tenkuu Developers Studio, Luis Quintero, Garret Smith, Luis Perina, Cheese Strike, Assembled and prepared for P3D/FSX by Chris Evans


Boeing 757-200 Donald Trump (Trump Force One) FSX & P3D

39 863    3.16 (62)

Size  89.5 MB

  • Created 7 Oct 2016

  • Updated 2 Jun 2020

  • It's now possible to take control of this jet in your flight simulator thanks to Rikoooo, the plane includes a very detailed 2D panel (wide screen), basic VC, FMC, GPWS, Ground Services, Auto-land

  • By 757-200 model by TDS, TRUMP repaint by Erik BENDER (Rikoooo.com), 2D Panel by panel G Munro, 757 soundset by Adam Murphy


Boeing P8-A Poseidon FSX & P3D

31 093    4.70 (20)

Size  54.4 MB

  • Created 3 Aug 2016

  • Updated 5 Dec 2018

  • Boeing P8-A Poseidon Patron Two Four "Batmen" package with improved VC includes custom sounds, virtual cockpit, 2D panel, animations, effects, Working wipers (right mouse click on switch) with rain effect.

  • By Model by TDS, enhanced by Alejandro Rojas Lucena, Assembled and prepared for FSX by Chris Evans

fsx 2016-01-25 11-00-08-50

Boeing 777-200ER Ultimate Pack FSX & P3D

144 019    3.93 (88)

Size  297 MB

  • Created 23 Jan 2016

  • Updated 25 Jan 2016

  • Version2

  • Boeing 777-200 version Ultime Pack by Hanzalah Ravat. Specifications : Working LNAV and GPWS. VC model available. Model by POSKY . Contains 3 authentic sound sets. Edited Aircraft.cfg with Passenger and cockpit views. Also contains a Working EFIS, V1 Vr V2

  • By Project OpenSky, update by Hanzalah Ravat


Boeing 747-8i Air China Package FSX & P3D

31 580    3.76 (17)

Size  44.9 MB

  • Created 27 Feb 2015

  • Updated 30 Aug 2019

  • Pack Boeing 747-8I Air China with improved VC. China officially became in 2014 the first world economic power ahead of the United States, it was normal for Rikoooo to dedicate a pack

  • By SkySpirit2011, Alrot, Assembled and edited for FSX by Chris Evans & Enrique Cornejo

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