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Boeing B-52H CONECT Package for FSX and P3D

fsx 2015-12-15 15-08-04-01
fsx 2015-12-15 15-09-14-072
fsx 2015-12-20 17-08-13-123
fsx 2015-12-22 21-57-48-854

This is a FSX/P3D only conversion and will not work with FS2004. Original Model created by AlphaSim Ltd for FS2004. Updated to the CONECT series B-52H by David Robles.
This aircraft was tested on FSX Gold with Acceleration, Prepar3Dv2.5, and Prepar3Dv3. Not compatible P3D v4+

The CONECT Platform is so new it has no real History, entered service in late 2014, early 2015 and is still being updated:

B-52s are periodically refurbished at USAF maintenance depots such as Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma. The Buff is expected to remain in service at least until 2045, nearly 90 years after the first B-52 entered service. The USAF continues to rely on the B-52 because it remains an effective and economical heavy bomber, particularly in the type of missions that have been conducted since the end of the Cold War against nations that have limited air defense capabilities. The B-52 has the capacity to loiter for extended periods over (or even well outside) the battlefield, and deliver precision standoff and direct fire munitions. It has been a valuable asset in supporting ground operations during all recent conflicts. Boeing is currently delivering eight kits in 2013. The first aircraft is currently undergoing the upgrading process, to be completed by April 2014. 10 additional kits will be delievered in 2014 and 2015.
In July 2013, the Air Force began a fleet-wide technological upgrade of its B-52 bombers called Combat Network Communications Technology (CONECT) to modernize electronics, communications technology, computing, instrumentation, avionics on the flight deck. CONECT upgrades include software and hardware such as new servers, modems, radios, data-links, receivers, digital flightdeck and workstations for the crew.

One piece is the ARC-210 Warrior beyond-line-of-sight software programmable radio able to transmit voice, data, and information in-flight between B-52s and ground command and control centers, allowing for the transmission and receipt of data with updated intelligence, mapping, or targeting information; previous in-flight target changes required copying down coordinates, while the ARC-210 allows machine-to-machine transfer of data, useful on long-endurance missions where targets may have changed locations when the B-52 was traveling. The aircraft will be able to receive information through Link-16. CONECT upgrades will cost $1.1 billion overall and take several years. Funding has been secured for 30 B-52s and the Air Force hopes for 10 CONECT upgrades per year, but the rate has yet to be determined. Weapons upgrades include the 1760 Internal Weapons Bay Upgrade (IWBU), which gives a 66 percent increase in carriage capability using a digital interface and rotary launcher to increase the weapons payload. The IWBU effort is expected to cost roughly $313 million. The 1760 IWBU will allow the B-52 to carry the AGM-158B JASSM-ER and the ADM-160C MALD. All 1760 IWBUs should be online by October 2017.

As opposed to three B-52s carrying 36 weapons, two bombers will have the ability to carry 40 weapons, lowering the number of crews and amounts of fuel needed for a mission, and gives the option of putting more weapons on target with the same number of aircraft.[200] The 1760 IWBU allows precision-guided weapons to be deployed from inside the weapons bay, increasing the number of guided weapons a B-52 can carry and reducing the need for guided bombs to be carried externally on wing hardpoints. The first phase will allow a B-52 to carry 24 500-pound JDAMs or 20 2,000-pound JDAMs, with later phases accommodating the JASSM and MALD family of missiles. In addition to carrying more smart bombs, moving them internally from the wings results in a 15 percent fuel savings and greater range from less drag. The USAF continues to rely on the B-52 because it remains an effective and economical heavy bomber, particularly in the type of missions that have been conducted since the end of the Cold War against nations that have limited air defense capabilities. The B-52 has also continued in service because there has been no reliable replacement.
Structurally, the airframes are still sturdy, but in terms of electronics capabilities, the bomber is a stone age relic. Other improvements will include a state-of-the-art computing network with workstations at each crew position and an integrated digital interphone with increased capacity that will allow crew members to talk to each other on headsets equipped with noise-canceling technology. The $76 million CONECT upgrade will be performed by Boeing and covers low-rate initial production of the first CONECT kits, along with spare parts and maintenance and service at Tinker.

See The Following Link:

New features in this pack :

1. All new paints.
2. New blank bump mapping
3. All paints are in DDS format.
4. Multiple Liveries.
5. New air configuration file.
6. New HD VC textures
7. FSX Air File installed.
8. Camera views added.
9. Transparency issue with VC model addressed.
10. All new digital cockpit created.
11. FSX coded gauges and sub panels
12. Default and custom GPS
13. Working Traffic Radar

Video presentation

fsx 2015-12-15 15-08-04-01fsx 2015-12-15 15-08-34-02fsx 2015-12-15 15-08-43-97fsx 2015-12-15 15-09-14-07fsx 2015-12-15 15-09-48-24fsx 2015-12-15 15-10-51-34fsx 2015-12-15 15-11-20-51fsx 2015-12-15 15-12-25-19fsx 2015-12-15 15-12-43-49fsx 2015-12-15 15-12-53-46fsx 2015-12-15 15-13-03-49fsx 2015-12-15 15-14-02-87fsx 2015-12-20 17-07-50-65fsx 2015-12-20 17-08-13-12fsx 2015-12-20 17-08-38-01fsx 2015-12-20 17-09-57-20fsx 2015-12-20 17-10-27-61fsx 2015-12-20 17-14-26-55fsx 2015-12-20 17-14-51-77fsx 2015-12-20 17-17-48-78fsx 2015-12-20 17-26-50-02fsx 2015-12-20 17-27-58-58fsx 2015-12-21 18-56-12-04fsx 2015-12-21 23-19-43-93fsx 2015-12-21 23-20-03-94fsx 2015-12-21 23-20-33-96fsx 2015-12-21 23-20-43-97fsx 2015-12-21 23-20-53-91fsx 2015-12-21 23-21-03-98fsx 2015-12-21 23-21-13-92fsx 2015-12-21 23-21-43-99fsx 2015-12-21 23-22-23-98fsx 2015-12-21 23-23-03-03fsx 2015-12-21 23-23-36-67fsx 2015-12-21 23-24-33-65fsx 2015-12-21 23-24-57-09fsx 2015-12-22 21-55-28-86fsx 2015-12-22 21-55-38-82fsx 2015-12-22 21-55-48-87fsx 2015-12-22 21-55-58-83fsx 2015-12-22 21-56-08-82fsx 2015-12-22 21-56-18-83fsx 2015-12-22 21-56-28-87fsx 2015-12-22 21-56-38-87fsx 2015-12-22 21-56-48-87fsx 2015-12-22 21-56-58-83fsx 2015-12-22 21-57-09-03fsx 2015-12-22 21-57-28-83fsx 2015-12-22 21-57-48-85fsx 2015-12-22 21-57-58-84fsx 2015-12-22 21-58-08-82fsx 2015-12-22 21-58-18-85fsx 2015-12-22 21-58-28-85fsx 2015-12-22 21-59-18-86fsx 2015-12-22 21-59-28-84fsx 2015-12-22 21-59-38-82fsx 2015-12-22 21-59-48-85fsx 2015-12-22 21-59-58-83fsx 2015-12-22 22-00-08-86fsx 2015-12-22 22-00-28-85
  • Rating
    (18 votes)
  • Size 36.5 MB

  • Downloads 19 515

  • License Freeware external

  • VC3D Virtual Cockpit

  • FormatPort-Over - Not compatible P3Dv4+

  • Auto-install Installer version 10.5

  • Boeing B-52H CONECT Package is compatible with Prepar3D v1 up to Prepar3D v3 and FSX-Steam as well as FSX (all versions)

  • Author : Model by AlphaSim, update by David Robles

  • No virus guaranteed by
    ImunifyAV Premium
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