Boeing 747-8 HiRes Retro liveries Pack FSX & P3D

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Created 20-12-2017 03:51:12
Changed 23-12-2017 12:37:10
License Freeware external
Auto-install : #Installer version 10
Author : SkySpirit2011, repaints and repack by Dagobert, soundset by Mike Maarse external
Download For FSX & Steam Edition & P3D v1 v2 v3 v4       #Native FSX and/or P3D    #3D Virtual Cockpit
Beautiful Boeing 747-8 with 14 unique repaints in high resolution (4096px²) plus new textures for the virtual cockpit.

Texture enhancements include doors, new windows, new joints, new lines, more details, new turbines, new wheels, new pilots, new lights, new shades, new ground controls.

Read the readme to know more, especially on the textures min, med and max light.

The Aircraft.cfg file has also been corrected especially the "[contact_points]".

Boeing 747 8i AAF Camo 7Boeing 747 8i Lufthansa 7Boeing 747 8i PanAm 7Boeing 747 8i SAS 7Boeing 747 8i United 7
Boeing 747-8 HiRes Retro liveries Pack FSX & P3D Download