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Boeing 787 Family + Virtual Cockpit FSX & P3D

Boeing_787_Family_ _Virtual_Cockpit_FSX_P3D_1
Boeing_787_Family_ _Virtual_Cockpit_FSX_P3D_22
Boeing_787_Family_ _Virtual_Cockpit_FSX_P3D_33
Boeing_787_Family_ _Virtual_Cockpit_FSX_P3D_44
  • Description of the file

    Message from Erik BENDER (Rikoooo): After five months of production I am pleased to present a new virtual cockpit. This is the Boeing 787. This cockpit is the most advanced of all (in the Freeware category) and is based on MagKnight's 3D assets (see permissions section). But not only, it's also a complete package. Indeed, I have merged the 3D models of the Boeing 787-8 / -9 / -10 GEnx from TDS hence the name "Family".

    In a few words, I present the Boeing 787 "all inclusive version" ready for immediate departure.

    Everything is pre-programmed for you, the VC is 100% integrated with the TDS B787s. I have rewrote all the XML gauges to make them compatible, I have created all the animations of the virtual cockpit, every switch, every lever, every button, every function. I have tested and modified the FDEs of each aircraft to match the B787 flight model. I have added 54 high quality liveries that I have configured one by one. And, much more!

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    virtual cockpit hheader

    Boeing 787 Family Virtual Cockpit FSX P3D 3Boeing 787 Family Virtual Cockpit FSX P3D 4Boeing 787 Family Virtual Cockpit FSX P3D 5Boeing 787 Family Virtual Cockpit FSX P3D 6Boeing 787 Family Virtual Cockpit FSX P3D 7Boeing 787 Family Virtual Cockpit FSX P3D 8Boeing 787 Family Virtual Cockpit FSX P3D 9Boeing 787 Family Virtual Cockpit FSX P3D 10Boeing 787 Family Virtual Cockpit FSX P3D 11Boeing 787 Family Virtual Cockpit FSX P3D 12Boeing 787 Family Virtual Cockpit FSX P3D 13Boeing 787 Family Virtual Cockpit FSX P3D 15Boeing 787 Family Virtual Cockpit FSX P3D 16Boeing 787 Family Virtual Cockpit FSX P3D 1Boeing 787 Family Virtual Cockpit FSX P3D 2

    What is included ?

    • A new virtual cockpit for the Boeing 787 (one native FSX version and one native Prepar3D v4 version)
    • Three exterior models (Boeing 787-8 / -9 / -10) integrated with the cockpit
    • 54 upgraded liveries with 3 exclusive Rikoooo liveries.
    • Authentic sounds for B787 GEnx by kairi Akai http://k-akai.blogspot.com/
    • Custom gauges, GPS, GPWS sounds and alarms, switch sounds, Pushback Panel, MLW calculator, GSU Panel and Lighting Panel.
    • 22 custom views (co-pilot view, jump-seats view, Overhead Panel view, wing views, engine views, landing gear views, etc.).
    • Enhanced FDE for better stability and balance (no more pitch nose)
    • AES, Intelliscene and GSX configuration files
    • TDS 787 public painter kit
    • Virtual cockpit user manual and B787 manual (the files are in the Documents folder)

    Note that there is no 2D panel. But, you can fly without any problem in virtual cockpit mode because I integrated pop-up windows for the fundamental avionics.

    Be careful, there are two versions to choose from during the installation:

    - Either a version optimized for FPS i.e. without aeronautical charts on MFD and PFD screens (no navigation information), so everything will be displayed on the GPS.

    - Or a normal version, but can have a considerable impact on FPS, depending on the power of your computer.
    FPS = Frame rate per second

    exterior model header

    images 23images 24images 25images 26images 27images 28images 29images 30images 31images 32images 33images 34images 35images 36images 37images 38images 39images 40images 41images 42

    A new gauge for the GPS

    This new gauge carries out pretty much all the functions of the GPS 500 with many additional
    features added. Some of the new features are:

    • Tuning of ILS frequencies (no more map lookups)
    • Auto Tuning to VORs and NDBs
    • Selectable tuning to VORs and NDBs
    • Nearest Airports, VORs, NDBs, and Intersections can be searched to any number
    • High resolution terrain Maps with terrain shadowing
    • Other aircraft display (TCAS)
    • TAWS Map
    • Flight Plan Map
    • Uncluttered Maps with selectable overlays
    • Detailed Flight Plan
    • Easy navigation between pages
    • Approach selected and activated with two mouse clicks
    • Localiser and Glideslope Nav aids
    • Direct-to feature
    • Background colour
    • Runway lists
    • Movable map
    • Approach Transition selection
    Although this gauge is not based on any real gauge it is meant to have a similar look and feel
    to the interactive synoptic displays on the Boeing 787.

    image 024image 025image 026image 027image 028image 029image 030image 031image 032image 034image 038image 040image 050image 052image 056image 058image 060image 062image 065image 067image 069image 000

    Permissions received for this project

    • With permission from Hiroshi Igami (TDS) creator of the exterior models
    • With permission to use assets from Mariano Gonzalez (MagKnight) from X-plane (freeware version 05.2)
    • With permission to rewrite all 787 2d gauges from Gavin Munro (b787v21.zip)
    • With permission to use all repaints from Carlos Eduardo Salas

    The project contributors

    This project would never have been possible without these contributors. Many thanks to :

    • Gavin MUNRO for his wonderful 2D panel and for helping me to program XML gauges.
    • Hiroshi IGAMI for helping me with the 3D virtual cockpit, textures and many explanations
    • Ken WEBBER for high definition VC textures and Rikoooo liveries
    • Oniel BLACK for helping me with 3DS Max and the creation of some animations
    • Mariano GONZALEZ for giving me the permission to use his FREEWARE assets from B787 for X-Plane.
    • Carlos Eduardo SALAS for allowing me to use his liveries in my package, thanks also to the other creators for the liveries I didn't include.
    • Hiroaki Itoh for helping me debug errors and for testing the aircraft flight model and virtual cockpit systems.

    List of the present liveries

    === Boeing 787-8 ===

    Rikoooo Livery 1
    United Airlines
    Thomson Airways
    Royal Air Maroc
    Kenya Airways
    Jetstar Airways
    Japan Airlines "Ghibli Jet"
    Hainan Airlines
    Ethiopian Airlines
    China Southern Airlines
    Air India
    Oman Air
    United Arab Emirates
    Xiamen Air
    Royal Jordanian
    Qatar Airways
    Japan Airlines
    China Southern B-2725
    Air India star Alliance
    Air Canada
    Azerbaijan Airlines
    American Airlines
    Air Austral
    === Boeing 787-9 ===

    Rikoooo Livery 2
    Air France
    United Airlines
    Saudi Arabian Airlines
    Hainan Airlines
    Vietnam Airlines
    Japan Airlines
    American Airlines
    Etihad Airways
    Air Canada
    === Boeing 787-10 ===

    Rikoooo Livery 3
    United Airlines
    Fly Emirates
    Etihad Airways
    Eastern Airlines
    American Airlines
  • Changelog

    Updated on 14/03/2021: Version Stable 1.1
    - Fixed SPD text always displayed on PFD.
    - The GPS goes from version 1.6 to version 1.8:
    • The major workaround in Version 1.6 for the 180 degrees longitude problem has now been modified so that the Latitude and Longitude of the faulty waypoints now do display on the Nearest Intersections screen.
    • A new feature has been added to display the distance to destination on the MAP screen.
    • Another new feature is to display the active frequencies on the Nearest VORs and Nearest NDBs screens.
    • Other cosmetic changes have been made to make the screen neater and to take out some old unnecessary syntax. These changes are barely noticeable.

    Updated on 18/12/2020: The Boeing 787 Family + Virtual Cockpit package is now updated from version Beta 0.93 to version Stable 1.0. Many bugs have been fixed, flying with this 787 is a real delight!

    Here are the changes I made:
    • 787-8-9-10 are now compiled and textured with PBR (Physically Based Rendering) support only for Prepar3D v4 and v5, FSX does not support PBR. Note: Under P3D v4 textures may look greyish when viewed from certain angles, to correct this you must disable (Off) "Dynamic reflection" in P3D settings. On the other hand, no problem of this kind with P3D v5:
      dynamic reflection
    • Addition and configuration of the missing gauge for the Autoland ILS CAT II / III specific for TDS 787 created by Dimitrios Moschos (see the file AUTOLAND_Readme.txt in your Documents). The 787 is now able to land on its own with the ILS!
    • Fixed TERRAIN MODE not showing on the large MFD screen:
    • Fixed TAWS (Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems) mode now displaying the map:
    • Fixed RANGE value not working normally.
    • Fixed MASTER ALARMS flickering continuously.
    • Fixed some minor programming errors in TDS787 gauges.
    • Widening of the GPS screen.
    • GPS gauge is now at version 1.8, ILS identical frequency issues have been fixed. (Special thanks to Gavin Munro for his help)
    • Modification of the "lift_scalar" value for each model in the "Aircraft.cfg" file in order to make landings smoother with Autoland.

    How to perform an ILS landing with the Rikoooo GPS B787

    No changelog

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  • VersionStable 1.1

  • Rating
    (326 votes)
  • Size 511 MB

  • Downloads 56 348

  • Created 13 Sep 2020

  • Updated 14 Mar 2021

  • License Freeware external

  • VC 3D Virtual Cockpit

  • Format Native FSX / P3D format

  • Auto-install Installer version 10.5

  • Compatibility list :

    Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v1 to v5 ➕ Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition ➕ Microsoft Flight Simulator X (All versions)

  • Author :
  • VC assets by Magknight and conversion by Rikoooo. XML Gauges based on Gavin Munro. Exterior model by Hiroshi Igami (TDS). 787 GEnx Soundset by Kairi Akai. Rikoooo Liveries by Ken WEBBER. Others liveries by Carlos Eduardo Salas

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