Scheibe SF 25 C FSX

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Created 10-09-2010 00:33:18
Changed 12-07-2012 18:26:03
License Freeware external
Author : Wolfgang Piper external
Download For FSX & Steam Edition      #Port-Over no compatible P3Dv4    #3D Virtual Cockpit
For the FS2004 compatible variant click here

Sports a high resolution fully operable virtual cockpit, possibly the first ever choke simulation
in FS as well as some seemingly familiar instruments with rather unusual modes of operation, plus
audible switches, buttons - and side windows. Full checklist in English and German, almost identical
to the real plane's. Flight characteristcs and aircraft operation closely tuned to the real bird.
Usable as procedure simulator within the limits of Flight Simulator.

Included five models and five repaints : D-KOBN, D-KOGA, D-KOII, D-KURT, PH-1271
Scheibe SF 25 C FSX Download

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