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What is the utility of Rikoooo's automatic installer for MSFS 2020, given that you can simply copy and paste your mods into the Community folder of MSFS?

As you already know, all the mods available on Rikoooo are made easy with our automatic installer.
The answer may surprise you, but Rikoooo's MSFS automatic installer can be very useful, here are seven reasons why:

  1. Automatic detection of the Community folder, no need to search for your folder to deposit your mods!

  2. Installation with one click, no more need to unzip your files from their archive and copy and paste them manually.

  3. Automatic deletion of the _CVT_ folder containing the MSFS conversion files of the mod, these files are deleted (if they exist) from the Community folder during installation and after the mod is uninstalled, ensuring optimal operation of MSFS. Likewise, specific local data files for the mod located in %AppData% will also be cleaned.

  4. Automatic uninstallation leaving no trace and with one click from your desktop in the Rikoooo Add-ons folder. Documentation, manuals, readme files, etc. are also located in this folder.

  5. Each automatic installer is digitally signed by a third party to provide maximum security. This means that the installer has been verified by an independent company to ensure that it does not contain malware or other potential security threats. The installers are then compiled following Windows security procedures to ensure that they comply with Microsoft's operating system security standards.

  6. Compatible with the MSFS Steam Edition, ability to differentiate versions and adapt to configurations.

  7. Automatically offer you a download link to the latest available version, If the installer detects that the mod you are trying to install is outdated.

Thousands of simmers trust us

Rikoooo is proud to have created automatic installers since 2005, and we are pleased that thousands of simmers trust us. We are ready to face new challenges with MSFS and continue to offer quality solutions for simmers. We look forward to seeing what the future holds and to continue helping simmers fully enjoy their passion for flight simulators.

Optional one-click installation
Simple interface with mod images
Installation can be done automatically or manually by choosing the installation directory.
Automatic detection of your MSFS (Standard or Steam)