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Change log

Updated on 18/03/2018: Now 100% compatible with Prepar3D v4 , native FSX model, new textures, a new redefinition of the Aircraft.cfg file, minor bugfixes.

Updated on 01/10/2012: In this new version the 3D model was created with FSDS 3.51 and compiled with Makemdl for FSX and now has a complete set of detailed animations, a virtual cockpit with animated levers, the pedals, and the cylinder head, door with ladder, pots hood escapements animated with smoke. Lightened Virtual cockpit.

For version compatible with FS2004 click here

Bombardier Canadair CL-215 with 12 textures representing each of the following operators: French Civil Protection F-ZBBV in two variants, Greece, Royal Thai Navy, Italy SOREM, Spain CEGISA, Newfoundland and Labrador, Conifair-Quebec, Buffalo Airways, Spain Air Force 431-03 SAR, Spain Air Force 432-14, Province of Manitoba - 250 and other textures are available on the Internet. Included with virtual cockpit, 2d panel, personalized sounds and gauges, references, checklists. and key-list, water dump operation.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to remember to adjust the total fuel load to keep it below the MTOW for land or water take-offs. These are given below or in the Performance section of the Aircraft.cfg file. Not correcting those values would be difficult to take-off from the runway with the overweight and impossible to take-off or even move when floating in the water.

Use 2d panel "WATER DUMP CONTROL" (D) to manage your water dump operations.

MTOW: 43,500 lbs land, 37,700 lb water.
MLW: 34,400 lbs, land or water.

Takeoff Power: 2,100 HP.
Max Continuous Power: 1,900 HP.
Max Cruise Speed: 160 KTAS at 10,000 ft.
Long Range Cruise Speed: 145 KTAS at 10,000 ft.
Stall speed at MTOW: 75 KIAS with 15 deg flaps.
Stall speed at 34,400 lb: 63 KIAS with 25 deg flaps.
Max Op Altitude: 20,000 ft.
Initial Climb: 1,000 fpm.
Ferry Range: 1,520 mi with 1,100 lb payload.
Water Payload: 1,410 gal US.
Fuel capacity: 1266 imp-gal in 16 identical bladder type fuel cells.

Technical data and performance were obtained from official data.

The Canadair CL-215 is the first aircraft designed as a water bomber for firefighting. It is the most famous aircraft of this type, to the point that in France, Canadair has become synonymous with water bomber plane. The CL-215 was designed in Canada by Canadair (currently Bombardier Aerospace) and manufactured 125 copies between 1966 and 1989, exported to a dozen countries. (source Wikipedia)

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