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Boeing 747-100 Mega Package Vol.1 for FSX and P3D


Boeing 747-100 Mega Package Volume 1

Here is the Boeing 747 in all its forms divided into 8 great packages extremely detailed. This volume contains 16 repaints from high to medium quality divided according to their model. Included with real and custom sounds for each type of engine. A great add-on for fans of 747.

Models and Virtual Cockpit :

Contains 6 Boeing 747-100 models which divide into the Standard, -SR and -SF variants.
This volume does not contain a Virtual Cockpit (VC) due to the models being FS2004 native and not FSX.

List of repaints :
  • Boeing 747-100: (12 liveries)
    • American Airlines / Delta Air Lines / Eastern Air Lines / Rollout Livery / Japan Air Lines
    • National Airlines  / Pan Am (2 liveries) / Tower Air / Trans World Airlines (3 liveries)
  • Boeing 747-100SF: (1 livery)
    • United Parcel Services
  • Boeing 747-100SR: (3 liveries)
    • All Nippon Airways (3 liveries)
Usual Stuff and extras :

An aircraft.cfg file, edited from top to bottom, many bugs fixed (including those of weight and fuel which reduced the performance of the aircraft) and 23 extra views as usual for having a better experience.
The Project Opensky 747, contains a Ground Service Unit (GSU) service which Iis liked a lot. For more instructions to activate it, read the Readme file.

2013-4-7 15-43-17-188

2013-4-7 15-43-25-450

2013-4-7 15-44-43-329

2013-4-7 15-44-52-422

List of all volumes available for download :
  1. Boeing 747-100 Mega Package Vol.1 FSX & P3D
  2. Boeing 747-200 Mega Package Vol.2 FSX & P3D
  3. Boeing 747-200 Mega Package Vol.3 FSX & P3D
  4. Boeing 747-300 Mega Package Vol.4 FSX & P3D
  5. Boeing 747-400 Mega Package Vol.5 FSX & P3D
  6. Boeing 747-400 Mega Package Vol.6 FSX & P3D
  7. Boeing 747-8XX Mega Package Vol.7 FSX & P3D
  8. Boeing 747-XXX Mega Package Vol.8 FSX & P3D

  • Rating
    (24 votes)
  • Size 88.3 MB

  • Downloads 35 164

  • License Freeware external

  • VC 2D Panel Only

  • FormatPort-Over - Not compatible P3Dv4+

  • Auto-install Installer version 2

  • Boeing 747-100 Mega Package Vol.1 is compatible with Prepar3D v1 and FSX-Steam as well as FSX (all versions)

  • Author : Project Opensky, Mike Maarse, Devyn Silverstein, Repack by Luis Quintero, and many different authors

  • No virus guaranteed by
    ImunifyAV Premium
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